Downloads Collaboration: Working together for the development of the targeted communities.
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  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Core Values
To ensure the economic prosperity and sustainability of communities of the Southwest Peninsula, by developing key non-energy sectors, human resources and businesses, resulting in an improved quality of life.
To improve the social, economic and environmental realities in the targeted communities through the implementation of a local economic development framework towards enhanced human capital, entrepreneurial and institutional development.
Collaboration: Working together for the development of the targeted communities.
Sustainability: Achieving sustainable development through people and the conservation of resources.
Respect: Treating each person with respect. Valuing differences and appreciating similarities.
Honest Communication: Truth and transparency in all aspects of community life and development.
Integrity: Adhering to moral and ethical principles in all aspects of development

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Project Overview:
The goal of the project is to expand the adoption of regional economic development policies and strategies based on public-private interaction and geared to economic, social, and environmental sustainability. The purpose is to develop and implement a Local Economic Development (LED) model for regions with extractive industries to support a sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth in the South West Peninsula of Trinidad and Tobago. The specific components for the project are (i) Integrate public-private actors and build institutional capabilities for LED (ii) Develop new or expanded business activities in key non energy sectors (agriculture, fishing and tourism) in the region (iii) Support human capital development and employability of at risk and marginalized groups (iv) Create and transfer knowledge, results and best practices on LED in extractive industries regions to key stakeholders groups.